Distancing Measures
Limit of 8 students per class
Spacing of 6 feet clearly marked in line up areas
Only 1 student at a time may enter / exit the facility
All activities will be within a personal movement area of 9 feet with 6 feet between movement areas
Each student will be assigned their own wave master in their personal movement area
Each student will be assigned their own chair in a 6 foot area for personal items, equipment, rest / snack
Chairs will be spaced 8-10 feet apart

Using 2 wipe system (as recommended by Alberta Health Services) to first clean and then disinfect
Cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas ie door handles, light switches, all bathroom fixtures after each class
Wave masters, chairs and shared equipment (IF any) will be cleaned and disinfected after each class
Any other miscellaneous items used to be cleaned and disinfected after use

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – where distancing measures cannot be maintained
Should PPE be required by AHS, it will be communicated with all students as part of the registration process, or if after registration, by phone with email follow-up
PPE for staff and any student who becomes ill while at Relentless will be provided by Relentless Martial Arts
Should students or families prefer to use PPE when attending camps, they must supply their own

Monitoring of entry & exit will be done by office manager (Liz) or, if absent, by instructor (Dan)
Maintaining distancing will be done by instructor (Dan) and assisted by office manager (Liz)
Cleaning & Disinfecting to be done by office manager (Liz)
Maintaining logs of all persons in gym with dates, times and contact information to be done by office manager (Liz)
Compliance management and oversite being done by office manager (Liz)