School Yard Testimonial


None of us want to believe that bullying exists, but it is clear that it does. Here is a testimontial from this year, barely into September!

"I received a phone call from our school principal saying that my child had gotten in a altercation with another student from his grade.  It had been the same child that has been bullying my child and other classmates for the past 3 years. He's much bigger and stronger than the others in the class and is intimidating. As the principle describes how my son maneuvered and position himself to restrain the bully - I was thinking hell ya - these are exactly the moves I've seen coach Dan teach my son at the gym.  I demanded the principle give the phone to my child so I could talk to him.  I told him I wasn't upset and that I supported him in what he did.

When my two kids came home off the bus I was home to greet them at the door.  My son told me that this student came after him aggressively. He used moves he had learned from coach Dan.  He had him on the ground in a vulnerable position.  I asked him if he could have punched him while he had him down and he said yes.  He said he only wanted to hold him down until the teacher came.  He never wanted to fight or hurt the other child.  He just did enough to protect himself. I told the kids to get into the vehicle and took them for ice cream.  As we were driving, my daughter reached over to give her big brother a hug, kisses him on the cheek and says I'm so happy for you - he's been bugging you for years.  

Ball practice was after school that day and my wife didn't think our son should go.  Last  time there was an altercation at school with our son, with the same student, the same kid came after our son with a baseball bat.  Our son, who was in the middle of the conversation says: I'm going to ball practice..I'm not scared anymore..he won't bother me anymore."

We teach our kids the SKILLS to build the CONFIDENCE to DEFEND themselves. We don't teach them to be bullies! That is the Martial Arts stigma that Relentless Martial Arts is against!